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Гость TAG Heuer Monaco 1979–1989 CAW211W.FC6467 replica
Сообщение      03-08-2019, 05:01

TAG Heuer Monaco 1979–1989 Limited Edition CAW211W.FC6467 watch

TAG Heuer Monaco 1979–1989 CAW211W.FC6467 replica Tag tag heuer calera series chronograph has been developing for half a century, derived many classic chronograph, with the continuous strengthening of the brand of this series of technical breakthroughs and concept innovation, calera chronograph in the table industry reputation is thriving, gradually become the most advantageous competitor of independent chronograph price within 50,000. The official price of this watch is more than 70,000, a large part of which is paying for the new material, as a professional timing watch, its outstanding technology and racing concept complement each other, and constitute its core value.
Using intelligent wrist watch brand new original concept, in the field of intelligent module can be replaced with "advanced" TAB mechanical module - a COSC (Swiss official examination organization observatory) certification of the tourbillon timing clock or watch of wrist of three stitches - provides a wealth of material, color and tie-in combination: modular concept is also used in watch ear, watch band and clasp, is a can be customized luxury watch along with the mood. Designed in collaboration with Intel, this pure Swiss luxury watch is waterproof to a depth of 50 meters, equipped with GPS, NFC electronic payment sensors, hd AMOLED display, and a variety of unlimited custom tag heuer dial options. Google (Google) Android Wear 2.0 and the new TAG Heuer Companion app enhance the software experience and keep you connected to the people and things you care about most. In terms of craftsmanship, the watch is meticulous in design,best replica watches using only high-quality materials, such as titanium, ceramic and rose gold, and focusing on every detail.
Tag heuer is one of the world's leading watchmaking brands, the first to propose the concept of fast fashion - "watch and buy" brand. From now on, the watch will be available for sale at tag heuer and Jacob's stores and franchised outlets, as well as through the brand's online stores.
Brunen (Switzerland) and San Francisco (California), March 14, 2017 -- TAG Heuer, the Swiss pioneer watchmaker, teamed up with Intel (Intel) and Google (Google) today to launch the second generation of its three-way smart watch.
In Switzerland, press conference centre in Switzerland very symbolic lv trey grassland (Rutli Meadow), tiger and LVMH moet hennessy Louis vuitton, chief executive of tag heuer watch President jean-claude than Mr (jean-claude Biver) Sir, Intel's new technology group, senior vice President and general manager Josh Walden (Josh Walden) and Google Android engineering vice President David bolton singh participation Mr Singleton (David).

"After the great success of tag heuer's first smart mens luxury watches, today I am happy to show you Connected ja45," said jean-claude biever, chief executive and President of LVMH's watch business. This is a Swiss wristwatch that transforms the luxury elements of the future into concrete, connecting users with the future and connecting eternity with its simple and intelligent modular design. This innovative, unique watch incorporates the cutting edge technology of silicon valley and is also a pure Swiss watch with a 'made in Switzerland' label. It fully demonstrates our leadership in luxury smart watches and this new technology."
"Working with legendary partners to drive the next wave of smart devices is our core strategy," said josh walden, senior vice President and general manager of Intel's new technologies group. "We are thrilled to continue our strong partnership with tag heuer. "With its innovative design and technology, tiaghauanja45 redefines the function of a luxury smart wrist." Tiaghauya Connected ja45 is made with pure Swiss traditional design. With a history of more than 150 years, tag heuer is a Swiss luxury watch with professional technology, craftsmanship and tradition. Tag tag heuer is based in La chaux-de-fonds, the cradle of the Swiss watchmaking industry and a UNESCO world heritage site. Tag heuer has been manufacturing and developing classic sports watches here for more than 150 years, including some of the most accurate timepieces in the tag heuer sale Swiss watch industry.

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