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Гость jiraporn6678
Сообщение      26-03-2020, 08:57
"Kissing can spread the covid-19 and the use of the mouth in the anus may also spread the infection." New York Department of Health Warns US health organizations Is telling everyone to be more distant, because the Covid-19 by the official Twitter of the US Department of Health and Mental Health tweeted the message "A kiss can spread Covid-19, including oral use in activities Other sex May also spread the infection The way that you and your lover are the safest at this time is Self help Because this method will not spread Covid-19, especially if you wash your hands and clean your sex toys with soap and clean water. "Masturbation, in addition to reducing the spread of Covid-19, also helps to reduce stress as a way. Proven to be good While this tweet reflected the recommendations posted by the New York Health Department last week. Regarding safe sex to avoid spreading the Covid-19, be especially careful about where you are exposed to saliva, and if self-detention makes you feel bored with yourself, bored. Of New York He also suggests looking for inspiration in adult film genres, which are currently gaining in popularity >> slotxo
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