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Гость jiraporn66
Сообщение      09-04-2020, 08:38
Vaile Wright, psychologist and director of the American Psychological Association's research center, says "Cabin Fever" is a state of mental stress that must remain in this home. Not a psychological condition, meaning that this condition may not exist It is just a feeling that is associated with negative emotions and the suffering caused by space constraints. Including irritability, boredom, hopelessness, and even strange behavior restless And without concentration, psychologists say that Personality and mood are important factors in how quickly they can develop these emotions. If your nature is someone who likes the external environment And not used to being at home It may be more likely to have this feeling. Paul Rosenblatt, a psychologist and professor emeritus at the Family Social Sciences at the University of Minnesota, who has been studying "Cabin Fever" since the 1980s, said that some people have these symptoms. This immediately, that is, when they think of having to stay at home for a long time Then became anxious, and those who saw that self-detention Allowing time to clean the house Manage expenses Organize closet Or finding new hobbies may cause "Cabin Fever" slower than others, but regardless of what group you are in, both Wright and Rosenblatt suggest a number of ways you can reduce tension and limited feelings in the house. Own As follows >> ?????????????????
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