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Гость jiraporn87
Сообщение      09-04-2020, 13:04
Caffeine affects the work of various organs. In the body, caffeine is popular for people in general that can stimulate the brain. Making the body alert for work And learning every time. However, caffeine affects the systems of various organs of the body. Drinking caffeine affects the heart rate. And blood pressure Stimulate the rate of energy metabolism And the production of urine. Caffeine can cause abortion and cause harm to the fetus. Several studies have revealed that Caffeine intake may increase the risk of miscarriage. Women who consume more than 200 milligrams of caffeine per day Have a rate of abortion twice as high as those who do not drink, compared to 25.5 percent by 12.5 percent. Caffeine can penetrate the placenta. And adversely affect the development of the baby, the disadvantage of caffeine Cause infertility. Some research shows that Caffeine causes infertility Women who drink more than 1 cup of coffee a day are only 50 percent more likely to become pregnant. Another study that studies patients with IVF shows that Women who drank coffee at a normal dosage of 50 milligrams tended to decrease the baby's survival rate. Although the mechanism by which caffeine affects fertility is still unclear But the answer may be related to the effect of caffeine on the quality control of ovulation. Research studies on mice and monkeys have also found that Caffeine inhibits egg growth May prevent the egg from falling And can not become pregnant >> SLOTXO

Гость colocation
   14-04-2020, 12:42
Much like a quarter rack, 4u colocation uk a half rack permits clients to have their servers and comms hardware in their own private rack space with their own bolted front and back entryways offering extra physical security contrasted with shared colocation.
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