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Сообщение      29-01-2021, 19:21
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It was the early hours of Saturday morning and the boyf had stumbled drunkenly into the bedroom at almost 4am, bumbled haphazardly around the room for a while, slipped under the covers and snuggled into me, planting kisses on me. I woke up briefly, mumbled hello and kissed him good night and fell asleep again. About an hour or so later, an alarm started to let out piercing blasts and I woke up scared shitless whilst the boyf snored away blissfully beside me. I jabbed him in the side.
"Boyf, what the hell is that noise?"
"S'guard dog"
"A guard dog?!" I repeated incredulously.
"S'guard dog, must have triggered..." and he was asleep again.
The alarm had stopped by now but I lay there half asleep completely confused. I didn't know we had a guard dog in our apartment building - My mind did a mental run through of all of the flats and couldn't figure out where the guard dog was. Was he saying that there was a guard dog in the flat? How the hell did a dog get in there? Oh my God, had he brought a dog home with him? Why the f*ck couldnt I hear it? Well I'm not getting out of the bed, I decided.
Minutes later, the alarm started again and this time it had different rhythms and was shrieking different tunes.
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