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Сообщение      27-06-2021, 07:59
Overwatch Kicks Off Cross-Play Launch With Ashe's Deadlock Challenge
Players regardless of platform can now play Overwatch together, just in time to score some new cosmetics.
Overwatch is at long last getting cross-play across PC, Xbox, PlayStation, and Nintendo Switch, uniting the game's community and, hopefully, resulting in shorter matchmaking time for players.
Players will need to connect their Xbox, Nintendo, or PSN account to Battle.net. Doing so will allow players to group up with friends regardless of platform for Quick Play, Arcade, and Custom games. Console players across Xbox, PlayStation, and Switch will be able to play Competitive matches together, while PC players can only play with fellow PC users when it comes to Competitive. Cross-play will be enabled automatically for players on PC. Players can opt out of cross-play should they so choose. pg slot
Coinciding with the launch of cross-play is the limited-time Ashe's Deadlock Challenge, which offers unique rewards for both playing and watching Overwatch. Playing 27 games during the challenge's duration will score players a new Legendary Ashe and B.O.B. skin. And if 27 games sounds like a lot, don't worry--winning a game counts as two matches played. Players can also watch up to six hours of Overwatch on Twitch to score some new sprays.

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