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Гость Shamier
Сообщение      24-03-2021, 07:12
Cashier 3D is a cool job sim in which you can live a day in the life of one of the real cashiers working at a supermarket.
This specific game could make your dream of becoming a cashier true with this free online game that offers you a career in an online supermarket filled with customers.
If some random dude wants to purchase a book honestly, that is $9. 99 with a $10 cost, how much would you need to pay him or her back?
That your way too easy, but what’s the change to a $100 bill for something that costs $21. 78? Seldom panic, browse the change on the amount sign up, and take some time to avoid messing it up.
Much fun with the Cashier 3D game, cookie clicker game.

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