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Сообщение      06-04-2021, 08:45
Global law firm DWF, which helps the in-house legal teams of large corporations, is another business now increasingly using the technology.
It was approached by a large real estate company that had an "impossible" task. The client wanted 10,000 property lease documents, stored on paper and electronically, and in different locations, to be digitalised into a central database.
This firm also wanted to know the exact terms of each of the leases, to discover new commercial opportunities.
"Traditionally, you would get paralegals under supervision to plough through the documents. But from a cost point of view it doesn't work, and also it's inconsistent," says Mark Qualter, chief executive of DWF's managed services division.
DWF designed an ML system to classify each lease document into categories, identify specific types of details, and then extract data from the document.
The banking sector is also embracing ML. UK building society Nationwide had asked US computer giant IBM to build an artificial intelligence "chatbot" called Arti for it, to help first-time buyers understand how to get a mortgage.
But when the UK went into its first lockdown in March, and mortgage holidays were announced, the lender was instead inundated with queries about them.
In just four days, Arti - powered by AI platform IBM Watson - was retrained to answer mortgage holiday questions. The virtual agent also dealt with other questions as Nationwide saw online banking registrations jump by 89%.
"In just over two months, Arti had responded to more than 10,000 queries, and a further 350 per day since, freeing up hundreds of hours for frontline teams to focus their time handling more complex requests from members," says Michael Conway, UK lead for artificial intelligence at IBM Services. pgslot
"Put simply, it allowed Nationwide to focus its resources on those who needed the most help, without ignoring the needs of everyone else."
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