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Гость off
Сообщение      06-04-2021, 12:54
A supermarket chain's PR chief has been sacked after comments about Wales, its language and the UK Celtic nations.
Keith Hann was dismissed by frozen food specialists Iceland "with immediate effect" after remarks on Twitter.
Further comments on a personal blog also emerged, describing the Welsh language as "incomprehensible" and "gibberish".
Iceland is based in north Wales, and said the comments did not reflect their values.
An official at Iceland apologised for any upset or offence caused by the comments.
The BBC has attempted to contact Mr Hann to respond.
Should your boss be tweeting?
Social media pitfalls for business
His latest controversial post on Twitter commented on the TV star Amanda Holden being accused of breaching lockdown rules by travelling to Cornwall.
"Your periodic reminder that the inhabitants of the UK's Celtic fringe loath ALL visitors, in and out of lockdown," he said. pg
His social media account was later made private, with his profile stating: "All views my own and usually joking".

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